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To determine goals in life and in retirement. Help clients to find their purpose.


Find out what the client’s assets are, what they have done so far to protect their family and determine what is the right course to take.

Design of a plan

After the interview and the inventory we will prepare an plan designed based on our findings and tailored to the client’s needs.

Plan Presentation

Visit with the client and explain in detail the proposed plan.


Coach the client into making the plan a reality.



We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Term Life Insurance is purchased when coverage is needed for a short period of time that could range between 5 years to 30  years. After that the contract expires and must be renewed.

It is initially cheaper than Permanent Life Insurance but, at the time of renewal, it could become really expensive.

Permanent insurance could last the entire life of a person up to 120 years of age. It is initially more expensive than Term insurance, but allows for accumulation of tax free moneys in the Cash Value part  of the contract and, in the long range, it is much less expensive than a renewed Term.

Permanent Life Insurance allows premiums paid to partially accumulate as savings in the Cash Value part of the contract. This Cash Value may be used to start a stream of tax exempt payments to you for life.

Yes, although the reason for purchasing must be justifiable, specially when it comes to young children or to amounts that are very large. Logically purchasing Life Insurance when you are in your senior years, could be an expensive proposition and must be also justifiable.

Sometimes, Seniors purchase life insurance for their children or grandchildren. It’s a good way to help grandchildren pay for college.

Who purchases the Life Insurance becomes the owner of the Contract of Life Insurance. It could be an entity, as a company purchasing Life Insurance for a key employee or and individual.

They owner could be also the insured, but not necessarily, as in the case of a grandfather purchasing Life Insurance for the Grandchildren, where they are the insured and the Grandfather the owner.

The owner has the power of making changes in the contract of Life Insurance.


Let’s help you find out what your life insurance needs are and how to fulfill these needs.

After reviewing your request we will send you a preliminary proposal and contact you if we need additional information